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FINALLY!! A competitive team sport for power wheelchair users!

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Donate today to VPSA via Paypal. VPSA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization organized in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 100% of VPSA donations are dedicated to supporting power soccer athletes in the state of Virginia. VPSA is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under US law as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, dedicated to charitable and educational services for Virginia residents who use powered wheelchairs. VPSA’s IRS identification number is 16-1739479.

2019-2020 Piranhas

Coaches- Matt Trail, Stephen Belechak
Players- Samuel Sawyer, PJ Shaw, Connor Hurst, Nikki Dwyer, Hannah Trail, Kevin Mulholland

Pit Crew- Mike Sawyer Coaches- Matt Trail, Stephen Belechak
Players- PJ Shaw, Hannah Trail, Caden Bowers, Connor Hurst, Nikki Dwyer, Samuel Sawyer, Kevin Mulholland

2019 Piranhas

Coaches- Alex Johnson, Stephen Belechak, Luke Leseberg Pit Crew- Mike Sawyer 
Players- Kevin Mulholland, Devin Johnson, Nikki Dwyer, Samuel Sawyer, PJ Shaw

The Tidewater Piranhas Power Soccer Team is from the 7 cities of Hampton Roads, recently competed in the United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) MK Battery Conference Cup Tournament in Fort Wayne Indiana. The Piranhas competed along with 39 other teams and nearly 350 athletes from across the United States for one of the 4 Conference Cup championships (4 Conferences) Premier, Champions, Presidents and Founders Cups that were up for grabs. As Conference teams compete to promote themselves to the top Conference and avoid relegation.

During the season the Tidewater Piranhas played 13 matches to qualify for the Conference Cup championships, finishing with an 8-5 record. The team had traveled to tournaments in Jacksonville Florida, Gwinnett Country Georgia and Wooster Ohio in order to achieve the needed 12 games for qualification to the Conference cup. The Piranhas qualified and then competed in the Presidents Conference Cup in Fort Wayne Indiana. While only one team can come home with the Presidents Cup trophy, the team was extremely pleased with their overall performance. The Piranhas played 7 games and finished with a record of 4 wins and 3 losses and finished in 4th place in the Presidents Conference of 10 teams, much improved from last season placing 7th. The team was performing at a very high level throughout the tournament and the experience gained by all members of the team will certainly serve us well as we look forward to next season.

Power Soccer is specifically designed for individuals that utilize a power wheelchair. The sport is played 4 against 4 on an indoor basketball court where players dribble, spin-kick and pass a 13" soccer ball in a fast pace, highly skilled, highly competitive game. People will easily recognize Power Soccer as a modified/adaptive version of the abled bodied game of soccer. The highly skilled players have the ability to try-out for the U.S. National Team or U18 National Team through their years of play. If selected, that player is a representative of the United States in International Tournaments and depending on the year selected, the chance to compete in a World Cup.

During the normal course of a game, the athletes who face everyday challenges and disabilities that affect each power soccer athlete give way to dedication, effort, competition, and teamwork. Lives are changed as individuals who are typically dependent on others are no longer sitting on the sidelines but rather playing a sport independently. The Tidewater Piranhas and its athletes are committed to growing power soccer in the Hampton roads area and throughout Virginia. The Team is always looking for the opportunity to introduce and welcome anyone interested in the great sport of power soccer if you are interested to learn more check out or the VPSA- Virginia Power Soccer Association Facebook page!

Tidewater Piranhas Goals of the season 2019

Watch the Seasons Goal highlights:

Piranhas are in the News!

This news story was on the 6 o'clock evening news on 13news. Here is our current fundraiser, follow the link below...

2018 Tidewater Piranhas

Back row- Pit Crew Mike Sawyer, Alex Johnson, Michael Sawyer, Coach Steve Belechak, Coach Luke Leseberg
Second row- PJ Shaw, Irving Geovany Ferguson Ruiz, Ryan Mead, Noah McRitchie, Darren
Front row- Kevin Mulholland, Nikki Dwyer, Devin Johnson, Samuel Sawyer, Grant Davidson, AJ Mitton

Virginia Power Soccer Association (VPSA)

2015 Tidewater Piranhas!

Pit Crew Mike Sawyer, Coach Luke Leseberg, Sammy Sawyer, Nikki Dwyer, John Rosser, Marcus Smith, Coach Steve Belechak and Kevin Mulholland


Virginian selected to US National Team!

30 January 2014: Kevin Mulholland of Chesapeake was selected to play for the US in Brasil in May.  Read about it on our newspage!

Ryan Jeffress, 1993-2013

Ryan Jeffress, #22 of the Tidewater Piranhas, went to the Lord on 27 November 2013.  You can read about him here Jeffress 1993 2013.pdf.


Video presentation!!!

Check out the video presenatation about the Tidewater Piranhas on YouTube at

Powersoccer Demo in Norfolk, 19 June!

The Tidewater Piranhas will be holding a powersoccer demonstration at the Endependence Center (6300 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk) on 19 June at 1:30 pm. Come on out and watch a demo of the fasting growing disabled sport in the world!

We have new members on the team!

Please welcome Larry Daigre, Joseph Freye, and Melody "Mel" Nelson all from Norfolk!  We will post photos as soon as possible!


The Piranhas will begin practice for the coming year this August.  They will start on 14 August in the Ryan Academy Gym in Virginia Beach.  Please share this with anyone you know who might be interested to play!!!!

Hampton Roads Sports Festival

24 February 2012

The Piranhas showed up to the Hampton Roads Sports Festival and Expo on 18 February and gave a demonstration of power soccer to a group of soccer fans.  All of them were astounded at the speed and skills of the players.  A bunch of younger players tried heading our size 10 ball and all agreed that "it hurts!"    ;-)

Here's a photo of our players with some of the 3D Soccer staff:

Players: (lt to rt) Kevin Mulholland, John Rosser, Marcus Smith, and Sammy Sawyer

Back row: Coach Steve Belechak and 3D Sports' Kelly Wilson (2nd and 3rd from left)

Here's information about the HR Sports Fest:

Tidewater Piranhas update

2 January 2012

Due to some personnel changes, the team is taking a hiatus from playing this season.  We are also working on a new practice and game facility and hope to have good news fairly soon.  Meanwhile, we will continue staying in the public eye and raising funds to pay for travel, uniforms, and new equipment. 

Stay tuned here for further updates!!!

New Sponsor!!!

Read about Fulton Bank, our newest sponsor, on our newspage.

And another story about Jackie!!!

This time, Jackie is in the Virginia Pilot!  Click here.

Another Tidewater Piranha in the news!

Jackie Richard's inspiring story of perseverance!  Click here.

Added 22 July 2010.

Piranhas featured on Hampton Roads Show!!!

The Tidewater Piranhas were featured on the Hampton Roads Show, “What’s Your Problem?” segment on 14 April 2010.  Here’s the link to view the video:

DC United and Washington DC Clinic

18 June 2009

Read the press release about our clinic in Washington DC here.

VPSA on Washington DC News! View the TV news story about our clinic in Washington DC with DC United players by clicking here.  

And here's the link



Matches will be played from Friday, 6 March, to Sunday, 8 March.  We are bringing 2 teams of "fish"....the Division 1 Tidewater Red Piranhas and the Division II Tidewater Blue Piranhas.  Stay tuned as we update the website with scores and highlights from the tournament.

Cheer us on!!!

Charity Match, 21 Jan 2009

Updated 29 Jan 2009:

We had a GREAT time playing against the Kemps Landing Staff and Teachers!  Read the article here.

World Cup Video

GREAT NEW VIDEO of the 2007 FIPFA World Cup in Tokyo!  Click here to watch it!

(Or you can go directly to FIPFA's website,, and view the video there as well.


29 Sep 08: Check out the latest fundraising event, the sale of artistic cards, on our newspage.

18 Sep 08: The Fairfax Observer wrote an article about our recent coaches' clinic in Reston!  Read it on our newspage!

FIPFA has updated its website.  Check it out at

ATTENTION ALL COACHES!  Please read the open letter to view the letter on this website, click here, to get a copy you can share with others (.pdf), click here.

30 Jul 08: Two VPSA had a great time at the 2008 National Veterans Wheelchair Games - read about it on our newspage!

You can watch videos from the recent National Championships on-line at and from the 2007 World Cup at

US World Cup win featured in Quest Magazine

TWO Teams in Tidewater!

Posted 24 Sep 07

The Tidewater Piranhas have grown to two teams!  They will now be known as the Tidewater Piranhas Power Soccer Club with a team in each Division.  The Division 1 team is called the "Red Fish" and the Division 2 team is called the "Blue Fish".  Now we just need "One Fish, Two Fish"!!!

The Division 2 team has been practicing hard with the Div. 1 team and they are anxious to try out their new skills against other opponents.  The team has players as young as 5 and as "old" as...well, let's just say they've been around the horn once or twice!

Congratulations and best of luck to the club and to both teams!



A competitive sport for power wheelchair users!


 Power Soccer promises to open the door to competitive sports for power wheelchair users in Virginia and around the world.



505 Piping Rock Drive

Chesapeake, VA  23322


What is Power Soccer?

Power Soccer is a most exciting new and dynamic development for power wheelchair users. The competitive sport has been played for more than 16 years, but is just now coming to Virginia. 16 states and 9 countries are currently fielding teams and tournaments.  It’s a team sport played by individuals with various disabilities of both sexes and all ages. The game is played on a regulation basketball court, occasionally outdoors. Two teams of 4 attack, defend, and maneuver an oversized soccer ball in an attempt to score goals. The game is non-stop action similar to an indoor soccer game.


Power soccer is the first competitive team sport designed and developed specifically for power wheelchair users.  This action packed team sport combines the skill of the wheelchair user with the speed and power of the chair itself, to participate in an extremely challenging game. Participants include people with quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, head trauma, stroke, and other disabilities. The will to win, the competitive challenge, teamwork, and the total competitive spirit of the athlete are in no way limited or diminished because of their use of a wheelchair. As in all sports - win, lose, or draw - the thrill and joy is in playing the game.


What do I need to get in the game?

Every power soccer athlete is equipped with a soccer guard that surrounds and protects the legs. Athletes also use the guard as a means for maneuvering the ball. Additionally, each athlete is expected to have an adequate level of control of their power wheelchair. This is required to assure safe play and navigation during the fast-paced action of a power soccer game.


How can a business or organization help Virginia Power Soccer?

To play power soccer, our association needs indoor regulation-sized full-length basketball courts to host practices and games. This, along with the need for protective custom soccer guards, team jerseys, special oversized soccer balls, and occasional wheelchair maintenance, make Power Soccer an expensive sport. If your organization can donate time for a basketball court or funds for soccer equipment, this can help our soccer league provide the excitement and energy of soccer to power wheelchair users in Virginia. Just as important, our association desires to send teams to regional and national tournaments. There is a greater expense when attempting to travel in a power wheelchair, so again, any donations will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us if you would like to become a sponsor or volunteer at: or 757-482-4981

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